Alaska Plants



Trident's Akutan shore plant is the largest seafood production facility in North America. It is located in the Aleutian chain, a short distance from the port of Dutch Harbor. The Akutan facility sustains a year-round frozen seafood operation capable of processing over 3 million pounds of multiple species per day. Akutan's precise daily production varies depending upon the season. Akutan produces a full range of products from Alaska pollock, including frozen fillets, blocks, and surimi, as well as fishmeal and oil. The plant has extensive groundfish filleting capabilities and also produces both bulk and custom packs of Alaska king and snow crab. They also process Pacific halibut and various other species. This self-sufficient, remote facility can house as many as 1400 Trident employees.
CFN: 3021852



Located 450 miles southwest of Anchorage AK
Processes all species of Alaska salmon. Open June through August.
Products: Fresh and frozen H&G salmon
Capacity: 600,000 pounds of salmon daily
People: 250



Located 150 miles south east of Anchorage
Large, state-of-the-art salmon cannery and frozen operation encompassing two facilities. Open March through November.
Processes all species of Alaska salmon, halibut, black cod and pacific cod.
Products: skinless boneless, half pound and 1 pound canned product, fresh & frozen H&G and fillets, and various byproducts.
Capacity: 1,800,000 pounds of salmon daily People: 40 to 500



Located approximately 100 miles north of the Canadian border in the Southeast panhandle of Alaska, Trident's Ketchikan facility is dedicated to the production of canned and frozen Pacific salmon. The shore-based plant operates from early March through November and produces up to 500,000 cases of canned salmon per year.
CFN: 3013529



Kodiak is Alaska's largest island, located approximately 250 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. Trident's Kodiak plant is a shore-based facility producing fresh and frozen seafood. A portion of the processing activity takes place on the Star of Kodiak, a permanently moored World War II Liberty Ship that has been converted for seafood production. The shipboard operation works in conjunction with another modern facility located adjacent to the vessel. Together they process cod, crab, pollock, halibut, flatfish, rockfish, salmon and other available species. The Star of Kodiak alone can process 1.1 million pounds of pollock and 400,000 pounds of cod per day. The crew size varies from 100 to 300 employees depending on the season.
CFN: 3021764

North Naknek - Bristol Bay


Alaska's Bristol Bay supports the largest sockeye salmon run in North America. Trident's North Naknek facility is located directly on Naknek River, close to the city of King Salmon and directly across the river from Trident's South Naknek cannery. The North Naknek facility produces canned, frozen and fresh salmon during the summer season, which ranges from mid-June through the end of July. Crew size is about 700 people. A moderate sized state-of-the-art facility, North Naknek can produce up to 150,000 cases of canned salmon per year and 1 million pounds of high-quality frozen sockeye.
CFN: 3014517



Located 110 miles north of Ketchikan
Processes all species of Alaska salmon, halibut and black cod. Open March through November.
Products: Fresh & frozen H&G
People: 20 to 50

Sand Point


Trident's Sand Point facility is located on Popof Island in the Shumagin Islands, 580 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. The plant operates year-round, processing cod, Black cod, Halibut, Pollock, Salmon and other assorted bottomfish. The facility is capable of processing up to 600,000 pounds of cod per day, 1.2 million pounds of pollock per day or 350,000 pounds of salmon per day. Depending on the season, Sand Point employs between 50 and 400 employees.
CFN: 3020997

St. Paul


Trident's impressive St. Paul operation is the largest crab production facility in the world. St. Paul is one of two Pribilof Islands which sit in the middle of the Bering Sea, approximately 600 miles southwest of Anchorage. The St. Paul plant concentrates production on a variety of Alaska crab species including king crab, snow crab and hair crab. The facility processes a daily capacity of 500,000 lbs of crab. The plant also processes halibut, cod, and other available species. Generally the facility remains open for 7 months out of the year and employs between 20 and 400 people.
CFN: 3028874



Located 80 miles north of Ketchikan
Processes all species of Alaska salmon and Herring. Open in March for Sitka herring and June through August.
Products: Fresh & frozen H&G
Capacity: 1,000,000 pounds of salmon daily
People: 40 to 250